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We had history of manufacturing TVís in our plant ( we had manufactured Black and White televisions in 1992-95). Launched Plasma TV in 2003 and started Manufacturing of LCD/LED from 2008.We now have capacity to manufacture 15000 LED TVís per month, in latest and modern LED manufacturing plant.

LED TV will soon take the top spot in the TV market, gradually pushing other technologies to the sidelines, according to the latest surveys and trends. The major factors behind LED TVs market domination is price, coupled with the fact that LED TVs are perceived by consumers as better at giving viewing pleasure. LED TV manufacturers are also feeding consumers’ desire for large TV screens.There is growth of more than 15-20% in the sale of LED TVís as compared to last year and the similar trend will continue for many years, As per latest market estimates the import of Consumer Electronics is expected to be 50 Lakh Crore.The market size for LED TV in India is approx. 16 M ( Rs. 25,000 Cr)

The major demand drivers are:

  • Better Viewing pleasure/ latest technology.
  • Affordable price of LED TVíS
  • Phasing out of CRT TV segment.
  • Increased demand in B and C class cities.
  • Availability of Consumer Finance for retail customers

The prosperous India Middle class sees no hurdle financially as well and mentally to live a good life style and in the process the sale of high end life style products like care, fully automatic washing Machines, Laptops, fancy mobile phones and watches, large size entertainment devices like LCD and Plasma panels are some of the notable items. The cash rich middle class is also very eager to adapt new products and technologies as and when they are available.The demand of the products will increase substantially with the reduction in the cost of product. The objective is to reduce the product cost by bringing economy of scale.

Company Background

The parent company M/s Pimit Infotech Corp, company owned by the promoter Ramesh Gaur is engaged is the business of IT since 2001 and they introduced range of Plasma TVís in Dec 2003. Pimit has been selling LCD and Plasma under brand Home Tech since 2003. Now we are confidence that we can sell around 15000-20000 pcs per month so we have set us this manufacturing unit so that we can get Raw Material in CKD and manufacture the LED TVís and the benefits can be passed on to the customers to gain a larger market share. History and achievements of Pimit Infotech Corp are given in the last page.

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